AmeriCorps Information

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.

– Christine Gegoire

“National service coupled with education awards…can help young people gain skills and contribute to society without accumulating excessive debt.  It gives them a means to develop job skills and discover career paths.”

~ Tae Yoo

Member Duties:

AmeriCorps members facilitate college and career exploration through a structured program of extracurricular activities. Members will recruit, train and support community volunteers, facilitate tutoring and academic enrichment activities and plan and carry out career and community service events. Members will work closely with a variety of people including Lead Up’s professional staff, community investors and teachers and administrators in Lead Up partner schools. They are first and foremost role models and coaches for students who are planning their future and developing their leadership capacity.

Service Description:

AmeriCorps members support Lead Up’s efforts to  prepare underrepresented students to graduate from high school and successfully enter college and career..

Program Benefits:

Full-time Members will receive a living stipend of $12,530.00 and earn an Education Award of $5,815.00 upon successful completion of service. Other benefits include Training, Health Coverage, forbearance on qualifying student loans and Childcare assistance if eligible.


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