Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season wrap up something big!


All year long, Lead Up supports Lincoln’s talented and motivated high school students in need with the extra support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Lead Up offers tutoring, academic enrichment, career exploration, post-graduation planning, and unique experiences that bring students into contact with a broad range of professionals and community leaders.

We turn dreams into plans.

          “Being told I was chosen to be in Lead Up was the moment I saw my future get a little brighter.”   Rachelle  

In this time of year when we remember the many gifts we have received, won’t you please consider wrapping up something big and give the gift of a bright future?

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Complete your shopping by December 31 and we’ll acknowledge your gift with a personalized holiday card for you, or someone you honor or recognize with your donation.

A new Box of Tools $15

Having the right tools can make all the difference and this gift ensures that students are fully supplied for the new semester. Your gift will buy: Notecards, looseleaf paper, spiral notebooks, folders, 2020 calendars, backpacks, pencils and other tools for success. $15 outfits one student with all the supplies they’ll need to ace the term.

Food for Thought $25

After a long day in class, the best way to boost into after-school tutoring and study is a quick snack. In the Lead Up tutoring center, we edit and critique papers, help review for tests, explain math concepts and so much more….right after we get fueled up for learning. $25 will keep our hardworking students full and focused for a week.

The Winning Number $30

An important part of the Lead Up program is to prepare students to enter and complete a post-secondary degree. We support young people seeking 2 and 4 year degrees and help them through the process from application to graduation. $30 provides one student with ACT preparation resources and personalized on-line tools and study plans.

the key to success $35

In order to be successful, students need the key. The Lead Up keys to academic success are: understanding how to study, stay organized and motivated, be a strong reader, and how to write and communicate the information they have learned. We do this with a wonderful tool called the LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) and then match up the results with a personalized tool-kit full of strategies and tactics to be a great learner. $35 per student pays for the assessment and the development of student-tailored tools – along with the support to learn them.

A Journey to the stars $40 or $129

Each semester Lead Up offers a focused career exploration unit through which students can meet professionals in a broad vocational field, experience the day-to-day work they do and build valuable workplace skills. The next unit is Space and we’ll be building small satellites and sending them skyward with interesting experiments aboard.  $40 will supply all of the basic components for a “cansat”and an “over the moon” experience. In phase two, we plan to build and test a model lunar rover. $129 will provide the basic parts for a robotic rover and all the encouragement a next-generation engineer needs to pursue his or her dream.

Steps forward $25

Imagine a one-stop event where you could network with professionals from across the city, complete hands-on career-related projects and experiments, and talk with representatives at the colleges that offer pathways to the vocations you want to pursue. That’s exactly what happens at our school-wide career and care events each semester.  $25 sponsors one exploration area such as “careers for people who love people” or “careers that let you build things.”  You can gift as many areas as you like and if you have a suggestion for a career cluster, be sure to let us know.

The Leading Edge $50 or $100

Lead Up is a cost-effective and highly innovative approach to building Lincoln’s next generation workforce and the future leaders of our community. Our creative program model is proven; propelling underrepresented students-in-need to productive and fulfilling futures. Your gift of any amount will ensure that Lead Up continues its work and continues to expand across the city.

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