College Preparation

“Being told I was chosen to be in a program that would help me get to college was the moment I saw my future get a little brighter.”

~ Collegian Leader

More Than Words

Leaders spent three days trying to crack the code on children’s literature in order to create their own picture books.

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Learning to Lead Up

North Star students spent the day learning to Lead Up with help from Wesleyan and astronaut Clayton Anderson at our annual leadership summit.

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Mega Success Skills Day

New student leaders set their sights high as they look toward the future, creating short- and long-term goals and reflecting on how Lead Up can help get them where they want to go.

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Tutoring as a Way to Give Back

Tutoring isn’t one-sided. Lead Up math and science tutor, Hadi, talks helping students reach their potential and giving back in more ways than just helping with homework.

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Anthony Meets Ms Cash

Is being an elementary school teacher really all apples and smiley face stickers? Anthony found out when he spent a couple hours with Ms. Cash at Beattie Elementary.

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Museum Exhibit Opening

How’s consulting at a local museum sound for a solid summer resume builder? Our students are excited to get engaged with their new project at the Nebraska History Museum.

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