Read Up with Lead Up

76 books, spotlights on 9 classic writers of the genre, 4 activities to put their detective skills to the test, and 1 dead body. Our fall book tasting was full of murder, mayhem, and no small amount of mystery.

 The night began with a couple of our students leading a conversation about how reading mysteries might differ from reading other genres, giving their top tips for reading them and detailing some detective slang every mystery fanatic needs to know.

 The tasting began and students were having a bloody good time. Until….a murder was discovered!


Finding out who-dunnit became top priority and, unfortunately, all of our staff members were the prime suspects. So, our students split into teams and demonstrated their private eye prowess while competing for clues.

Alibis were questioned, evidence was painstakingly examined, and tensions were high, but in the end, only one team was able to solve the mystery of the murder in the recording studio.

As you can see, everyone involved had a thrilling and chilling night – except for the poor murder victim, of course.

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