Why Lead Up?

An educated workforce is the foundation of every growing community, and the  wealth that sustains its prosperity. Lead Up strengthens that foundation by developing the next generation of innovators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and community leaders. 

– Julie Allen, Founder and CEO

Many communities are experiencing steady economic growth alongside historically low levels of unemployment. Yet employers routinely say they are not able to hire enough skilled workers to sustain or grow their businesses.

While in the 20th century, high school graduation was a critical benchmark in supplying labor needs, the technology-driven, global 21st century workforce requires more postsecondary education and training. As business and industry across the nation absorb advances in technology and other disruptions, their need for more skilled workers is critical – and growing.

The Georgetown Public Policy Institute estimates that 65 percent of all jobs in 2020 will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school, yet at the current production rate, the U.S. will fall short by nearly 5 million workers. Impacting nearly all industries and sectors, the gap poses threats to productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

It might be time for a new approach: Leading Up.

Lead Up is a proactive, sustainable pathway to developing the talent needed to drive the workforce of tomorrow by investing in young people today. We employ a collaborative, community approach to empower students to discover their talents and explore their interests, ensuring they are ready for college and prepared for the careers of 2020 and beyond.  You could say that we’re “leading up” the next generation, and preparing them to build businesses, communities and meet the challenges we will face in the 21st century.  

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