Our Partners

“The five separate fingers are five independent units. Close them and the fist multiplies strength. This is organization.”

~  J C Penney

Lead Up’s higher education partner is Nebraska Wesleyan University; the #1 liberal arts university in Nebraska. NWU’s long tradition of academic excellence and its strategic commitment to further expand college access for Nebraska students are values we share, and our students benefit greatly from NWU’s investment in our program. Hosting the annual Leadership Summit, inviting our leaders on campus for experiences of college life, scholarships, and consultation and support for high quality college preparation are just a few ways that Lead Up has been included as a part of the Prairie Wolf community.

Lead Up is “at home” among the North Star Gators, the central location for Lead Up’s programmatic operations. North Star is one of the city’s most diverse schools and has the largest English Language Learner population in Lincoln. North Star’s inclusive climate, creativity and open doors to partners across the community have allowed Lead Up to develop and grow. You can find our Program Specialists providing tutoring and ACT coaching daily after school and frequent workshops and events such as quarterly networking and the annual Career – Care Fair are accessible to all students right on site.

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