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Why Lead Up?

An educated workforce is the foundation of every growing community, and the  wealth that sustains its prosperity. Lead Up strengthens that foundation by developing the next generation of innovators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

— Julie Allen, Founder and CEO

Speaking, writing, thinking and learning skills, leading to academic achievement, success in higher education and developing critical competencies for the workplace.

Guidance, resources and tools students need to choose their post-high school educational path – especially for those students who are first in their families to go.

Empowered student leaders organize and facilitate college and career experiences and engage their peers in planning for their future.

Opportunities to explore and impact the community while practicing essential skills through unique volunteer service experiences.

Diverse, dynamic networks of Lincoln’s leaders and professionals share their knowledge and experience; illuminating pathways to fulfilling careers, coaching and teaching career/workplace skills and helping students connect to future employment.

Lead Up helps young people write themselves into the success stories of their community.

We believe that skills, opportunities, resources and networks are the key tactics in developing those stories.

Motivated young people come to Lead Up to discover their passion. Our unique program model builds their strengths, nurtures their ambition and propels them towards the professional options and opportunities that match their strengths and interests – particularly those in which they are historically underrepresented.

But our goal is not just to prepare our students for jobs, we also encourage young people to explore the community and contribute their time and talent to help others.

Taken together, these powerful stories maximize the potential of promising youth and in turn positively impact workforce insufficiencies, underrepresentation of minorities in professional fields across the vocational landscape, and socioeconomic inequality.

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